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Who we are

RealtyIT develops dynamic, affordable websites for real estate agents, brokers and property managers. While we focus intently on real estate, we do love to stretch our legs and develop solutions for any other industry in which our clients might engage. RealtyIT will additionally be offering content, resources, IDX solutions, social media management, support and points of engagement for the real estate community.


Why we felt compelled to develop real estate websites

Our team has close friends and family that are or have become realtors at ages 25-75. Over the years, many have looked into having sites built and found themselves burdened with jargon and rhetoric. They couldn’t be sure if they would be getting a site of value that they could easily learn and understand while providing a modern and dynamic feel for their clientele.

They asked for help, so we stepped in. We wanted to build sites that our realtor friends and family would feel at ease using and navigating. We understood the comfort they would feel in knowing that we built their site with them at the forefront of our thoughts. We also knew the same might be true of others in real estate. So, we dedicated all of our energies to creating successful solutions for you.


What makes us different from the competitors

Our model is, by design, different and unique from our competition. We want to build our client’s brands as much as developing loyalty and a company they can fall in love with. We know we have to have high quality solutions, but ultimately it’s the experience RealtyIT is creating for our clients that matters. Finding a developer to create the ideal web solution can be a nebulous process. We believe that if we simplify every step of the process, the consumers will reward us with their business.

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About Us

RealtyIT develops dynamic, affordable websites for real estate agents, brokers and property managers.

Our responsive IDX Solutions provide your clients with access to your listings on any device.

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