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Social Media Management for Realtors Starting at Just $99.99 a Month

Your online reputation matters. Do you know what people are saying about your brand online?

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Social Media Management for RealtorsWe’ll set up and customize your social media pages for you


FacebookOur posts will spread your content and get you more likes


TwitterWe send out multiple tweets per week with unique content


Google PlusWe’ll help verify your business and boost SEO with relevant content


YelpWe’ll help claim your page and manage your client reviews


ReportingMonthly reports that show you our proven results


If your business matters. If your brand matters. Then your Social Media matters.

Receiving real-time feedback in real estate is a key to success and allows you to show that you know and engage with your clients. Client’s perception that you know and understand them opens business channels and creates better opportunities for referrals. Social media can provide real-time key analytics that will provide you with essential real estate and client data. In business, social media matters.

Having a strong social media presence is one of the best ways to showcase your business and to build a positive company reputation. Frequent updates on all branded social media pages will position your business effectively in front of clients. Social media allows you to display, develop and mold your brand and public image in the appropriate spaces. In branding, Social media matters.

If you are new to the social media concept let us catch you up. Smartphones and mobile devices are ideal for spreading your message and generating buzz. The more active and relevant an account is the more weight your brand, site and social status will receive. Activity + Relevance + Engagement = Social Media Success. SEO algorithms include social signals and focus intensely on successful and relevant social media pages. In SEO, social media matters.

Using real estate industry research and social tools, an agent can use hyper-focused marketing campaigns. Analyzing the users personalities, locations, tendencies, attitudes, interest and lifestyles all assist in developing marketing specifically driven to your unique audience and drive them to your website on a budget. Social media marketing campaigns are a cost-effective sources of targeted advertising and brand positioning. In advertising, social media matters.

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